Fallen Angel

This page is in dedication of a “fallen angel,” of which I wrote my song for. I had to dedicate a full page to it, because I don’t want it to be recorded, as just a normal song. This isn’t like any of my other pieces, and to be honest, this piece alone has been re-written four times, because I didn’t like what I had written. I’ve finally finalized the piece and it will be displayed and be allowed to be played here and on the Compositions page. 

It should be understood that those that aren’t with us aren’t gone, they’ll always be in our memory. Life unfortunately sometimes takes turns we don’t want it to. These things happen for a reason, this piece isn’t meant to mourn the death of a baby. This piece is to remember the life of this baby, as short as it was. The piece is meant to be a display of the sheer impact this person had. She may not be here, but she’ll always be in our hearts.

This piece was my first piece I had ever written, originally titled “Tempest,” I later performed it as a solo at McGavock Comprehensive High School in Nashville, TN as a solo Clarinet piece, but it had been written for B♭ Clarinet, E♭ Clarinet, Flute, and Tenor Saxophone. I later transposed it into a Full Orchestra piece the first month of my College career, then later in my first Spring semester re-wrote it again and added to it. My first semester of my 2nd year in College, I rewrote it AGAIN into a finalized form, much longer and emotionally grabbing form, which turned out to be a chamber ensemble.



  • Fallen Angel (The Final Version)

Dedicated to Kyli Ann Ramirez, 3/18/2011. R.I.P.

This was written for my surrogate sister’s baby, at which was born very early in the pregnancy, and she didn’t live through the rest of the day. This song is meant to describe her very short life, and her rising to Heaven.


  1. Soo proud of you and your musical accomplishments! You are truly talented.

  2. Thanks! It really means a lot!

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