Welcome to the compositions page of my website!


As you can see, I have updated this page. In order to get to the music, you can scroll over the “Compositions” tab and it’ll give you a list of the types of music you can listen to. You can also click on the links below to reach the pages.

Chamber Ensemble – This is for a mass variety of instruments.
Duet Pieces – Pieces that use two instruments.
Full Band Pieces – This is usually a typical band setup. Sometimes including Contrabassoon.
Full Orchestra Pieces – Full Orchestra set-up. Sometimes including a Contrabassoon and a few instruments that aren’t so common to an orchestral setting.
Newest Music – The latest song/piece that I have written.
Small Ensemble Pieces – Pieces with nine or less instruments in them.
Solo Pieces – Pieces with either voice and a Piano, or just a solo instrument.
Trio Pieces – Pieces with three instruments involved.


Enjoy the music!


  1. These songs are awesome! Keep writing more of these music compositions please.

  2. Thanks man! I will!

  3. I am thinking you should write brief descriptions of each piece and post, like program notes, for the listener to easily be able to connect with the emotions in each composition. Also I was wondering, when you found your inspiration for “Carousel of Wonders” were you riding a carousel?

  4. I was not, but I was watching one, I’ve seen many, and I still remember when I rode them as a child. I was thinking about doing that as well, the program notes, that is a very good suggestion, much appreciated!

  5. The piano improvisations are my favorite!

  6. They are mine, too! I love the Piano, and I love just sitting down and playing what’s going on in my head, it’s truly an amazing gift and talent that I possess.

  7. I love all these compositions.i recently had to stop being a part of my high school band because of home issues. Your music has kept me hooked on instrumental pieces and i look forward to hearing more of your pieces. There is so much feeling behind every one of them!! I CAN NOT get enough!!

  8. Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback, I’m working on a few new ones I’ll hopefully get done soon!

  9. Awesome songs, Shawn! ^^ I’ve heard a bunch of these at different times, but I like listening to them. So you know, the beginning of Last Wish gets stuck in my head. It’s catchy. xD

  10. Haha! Thank you! Very appreciated! And, that was one of my first writings, Last Wish. I’ve been thinking about fixing it up a little bit more but I like it how it is, so I can’t decide. But thank you for the feedback!

  11. Fallen Angel is an amazing breath-taking piece!

  12. Thank you! It truly is one of my best written pieces. Wrote it for an Angel that passed before she got the chance to live life, and trying to capture that in Music is hard to do, but I did it! Thanks so much!

  13. You are really talented!!!
    Continue this and you may become famous!
    You are famous in my book!

  14. Thank you so much Hannah! It means a lot!

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